I will start by saying I’m not sure if Corbin calls this a “cutter” or just his fastball but I’m going to assume it’s his fastball due to his usage during his 2019 debut.

I love breaking down guys whose Data Analytics are just off the charts.. it really goes to show that everyone is different and unique in their own way. Like I said in the breakdown video that typically you see High Spin when guys fingers are a bit closer together. In Burnes case his FB is spinning well above big league average and you’ll see his fingers are fairly wide apart.

I’d encourage you to go back and watch Corbin Burnes outing to see just how he sequences his Fastball as well as the location. Sometimes guys think if their fastball is “cutting” that it needs to be thrown primarily glove side. I love how Burnes throws this pitch to essentially all 4 quadrants meaning that he can throw it down n away, down n in, up n away, and up n in.

To round this all out I think it’s important for pitchers to be playing around with certain grips or even just finger/thumb placement on a ball. You never really know if you’ll strike gold unless you try right? Lol

Also, quick note in regards to the image of his grip. This is actually his Slider grip but in the interview that aired during the game he said that it’s basically his fastball grip as well that’s why I felt it appropriate to include that image.

Special S/O to FanGraphs for supplying the Spin Rate image.