Working with my guy Tye here and wanted to challenge him with something related to his mindset when throwing a Curveball. You can view the video below.

He previously threw probably his best Curveball of the day when I said “Curveball Down” – A few pitches later I cued him by saying “Curveball For A Strike.”

To me there was quite a bit of difference in the sharpness of the two breaking balls. The danger for Tye here is getting in the habit of taking the foot off the gas when thinking about throwing that 0-0 Curveball “for a strike.”

In reality every Pitcher is going to have different types of cues or even an ability to throw a particular Pitch a couple different ways.. But with Tye we’re working on efficient competitive Pitches. There’s no reason for him to let off the throttle to throw his Curveball “For A Strike.” 





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