For me personally the Catcher is the most important dude out there.. the amount of responsibility that he has is more than anyone else on the field. Let’s go over some of his responsibilities 

⁣✅ Know the entire Pitching Staff’s Strengths n Weakness

⁣✅ Know what each Pitcher responds well to

⁣✅ Know the opposing teams Scouting Report

⁣✅ Know the Umpires tendencies 

⁣✅ Know the opposing Pitchers Scouting Report

⁣✅ Know all the Defensive plays

⁣✅ Know opposing teams Base Stealers 

What I love about this moment in the game is Carson Kelly knows from having caught Weaver multiple times that Weave just speeds up a bit when he doesn’t execute a couple pitches which can lead to a potential jam. So Carson goes out n calms him down maybe tells Luke that his hair looks really good that day n then goes back behind the dish.. 

It’s the little things guys! Don’t sleep on the little things because more often times than not they will be the difference between a W or an L. 


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