💥Utilize Catchers Feedback💥


🚨What is The Goal🚨 – As Pitchers the goal is for us to constantly improve our craft right? We always want to be better! Well this right here is a perfect example of a fantastic way of going about that.


Odorizzi immediately sits down with his Catcher for feedback on his outing today. Catchers, depending on how many times he’s caught you, is going to have a really good idea on things that you did good as well as things that he saw you didn’t do good. 

Perception is really everything in this game. As Pitchers it’s really easy to perceive events through our biased lens so therefore we think we did no wrong which doesn’t involve a teaching point.


Your Catcher, if he’s a good one, will always have an unbiased perspective and have a really good idea for what he perceived to be inefficient or sub-optimal.

These talks can consist of a multitude of topics 

⁣✅ Pitch Sequencing

⁣✅ Pitch Intent

⁣✅ Pitching Demeanor 

⁣✅ Non Competitive Pitches

⁣✅ Why Certain Guys Beat Us

⁣✅ Umpires Strike Zone

⁣✅ Hot/Cold Zones For Hitters


Literally so much feedback all at your disposal from the guy with the best view of things. These talks also can occur during your outing, before your outing, after the outing, or even days in between your outings! 

How bad do you want it? Show me by using your resources that are at your disposal! 


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