An easy indicator of efficient movements throughout the delivery is looking at the ball hand during certain stages of the delivery. For me, you’ll be fighting an uphill battle with your delivery if your hand isn’t working on time or in-sync with the rest of your natural body movements thru time n space. We want to make sure everything is moving as ONE and the arm is along for the ride. You see a great example of that in the videos of Castillo below. I’ll also include a couple different blog posts that I’ve done in the past in hopes to paint an even more clearer picture for you.


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Luis Castillo Mechanics Breakdown






Here’s another look at more of a side angle of Castillo’s delivery. Notice the rhythm he creates with his hands and feet. This typically leads into everything “syncing up” which ideally is what we want for consistency in our delivery.





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Hand Rhythm Throws

Preset Hand Separation Throws


The opposite of this is obviously not being on time and being “late”with your hand. What does this cause? Arm Drag.



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Arm Drag



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