In my mind another thing that separates the good pitchers from the Big League Pitchers (same goes for hitters) is the ability to make IN-GAME adjustments just like we see Casey Sadler make here.

Obviously doesn’t execute a pitch but gets another opportunity to with the very next pitch.

What I believe that goes into this process is understand yourself. There’s been numerous times throughout my career that I’d get a guy 0-2 then try to make a pitch even nastier than I was capable of resulting in a negative outcome..

It took me awhile to figure out that the best pitches I throw are the ones that I don’t try to overdue or “over-throw”

A common phrase you’ll hear throughout your own journey is “Don’t try to do too much” – that phrase is very common in the pitching space because we often times WANT to do a lot. We want to make the hitter look foolish.. we do want to strikeout the guy when the count is 0-2.. But understand when you’re at your best!

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