Sometimes, as a defense, you can do everything “by the book” and the outcome still favors the offense. That’s what we call “Baseball.” For me I look at the things the Pitcher could control.. like I said in the commentary there’s a slight chance he could of went for the pump fake but in the heat of the moment it’s just too hard to decide. That’s why listening to your catcher who has the best view of the play unfolding is your best bet.


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If you’re a Pitcher and want to work with me via online training I have a few different options that you could choose from.

Mechanical Video Analysis

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Baseball Strength Training Program

If you’re interested in a Baseball Specific Strength Training Program Dr. Heenan offers an Online Training Service in which he assesses any deficiencies you may have and personally creates a workout program to help you become the athlete you’ve always wanted to be! The best part is.. I can save you $100 on the activation fee!

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You will enter your email at the bottom of the page, you will then receive a follow up email with the final details of the program/on-boarding. Upon signing up use the code “robby” and you will receive $100 dollars off!


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