NOVEMBER 25, 2019

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Accomplished my goal for my 3rd and final bullpen in Omaha by getting a 96 on Rapsodo. I want to go up at least 1 MPH every bullpen session until I hit 100 MPH. You can view some footage below. 

1st Bullpen Session – 93.0

2nd Bullpen Session – 95.1

3rd Bullpen Session – 96.5

My time in Omaha has come to an end.. After having several conversations with Dr. Heenan about my protocols for these upcoming months we’ve both decided it be best if I move back to California and have the opportunity to focus more on my long toss/pulldowns. The weather here in Omaha isn’t ideal for that outside throwing stuff… 

As I’m writing this I just got done scraping ice off the roof of my car so I can strap down some of my belongings.. yeah won’t miss that one bit. 

My legit goal is to continue to build up until I can be sitting 98-100 and force the hand of an MLB organization to take a shot on me.. I know it’s a long shot being that I didn’t throw a pitch in 2018 but that’s what makes it fun.. 

Special thanks to Tom Oldham for allowing me to get into his facility during my time here in Omaha and use all his fancy toys! 


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