In episode 15 of The Robby Row Show I have the absolute privilege of talking baseball with one of the leaders in online baseball content. Brent Pourciau who founded Top Velocity doesn’t take a conventional, in the box, approach to training pitchers. No, in fact, some will say what he does is absolute blasphemy. Does he care? No. Why? Brent 100% believes in what he teaches and his athletes will tell you the same thing. Brent and I dive into the world of biomechanics, kinetic energy, data driven approaches, ground force and weighted balls. Brent’s big unconventional approach comes in the form of getting his athletes to train in line with olympic weightlifters who have to use the total body in lifting the weight. Listen in to one of the most unconventional… or genius minds in velocity development today in Brent Pourciau.

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