In episode 21 of The Robby Row Show listen in as Brandon and I dive into my recent lat injury suffered last month. The injury was diagnosed as a Grade 2 Lat Strain. Being that I wasn’t too familiar with that particular area of the body I thought it was a good idea to bring someone on the show who is an expert.

Brandon owns and operates True Grind Systems Gym in Austin, TX – You can find them on IG @truegrindsystems. Brandon is a very intelligent individual in regards to strength training and the human body (how it moves, functions, and how to optimize that). He graduated from Texas St. University with a degree in Exercise n Sports Science.

Brandon and I dive into my recent injury and the “why” that happened. He gives his professional insight as to how further prevent these types of injuries and possibly what to do when they do occur. We also touch upon routines and how to get the most out of your body by understanding a routine that works for you.

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The Robby Row Show – Episode 21

Introduction of Guest – Brandon Janecka
* What you do?
* How you got there?

Subject – Dealing with Injuries in baseball
* How can we prevent them?
* How can we maximize recovery?
* What to do if you don’t feel 100%

Subject – My current injury – Lat Strain
* Lat Muscle as it relates to baseball
* Why we are seeing more issues with the Lat?
* Past programming – exacerbated the issue