The positions that we get our body into during our pitching delivery matter. I’ve talked a lot about the engagement from not only the “lower half” but from our Glutes. If we want to maximize our power then we need to activate our strongest and most capable muscle in our body. Although it’s not easy to do I believe that with intentional work to instill motion memory it can be done. Like we discussed in the Blog I did on the Step Back Drill, you have to feel for the connection with the ground. The drill you’ll see below forces you into a position in which you have no choice but to feel that power. If it’s extremely difficult for you then you need to build up the capacity to get into the position first. You will see 2 separate videos in this blog. First one will be done via dry work while the second one is actually throwing a Plyo ball.

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Single Leg Box Drill – Dry Throws




Single Leg Box Drill – Plyo Ball


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