Wanted to show you guys a preview of a Mechanical Analysis and some of the big breakdowns that I Screen for when working with Remote Clients. In the videos below you’ll see multiple breakdowns of an inefficient lead leg block and why it’s crucial to begin to optimize this after we’ve identified the leakage in potential power output. We’re going to be showcasing the importance of required stability of the lead leg to be able to efficiently brace. 

The lead leg block shouldn’t be something that’s over manipulated be forcing knee extension.. 

The lead leg block is a byproduct of optimal sequencing of the body and the required stability of the lead leg. Here’s a brief video of the common misconception surrounding the lead leg block.





Now that you have a good idea of the general direction of this post we can dive right into some Mechanical Screenings to provide visual context. But first, if you’re someone interested in developing efficient throwing velocity I’d encourage you to explore my newest ebook option Velocity Development that includes how to best go about optimizing your pitching mechanics to achieve your pitching goals.

If you want personalized 1 on 1 feedback of your pitching mechanics like you will see in the videos below I’d encourage you to explore the option of signing up for a Mechanical Analysis.

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Now What?..

This is the part that becomes tricky for most. As you saw in the video my Client was having a leakage of energy due to his inability to stabilize with that front leg. You saw that when his front knee leaked forward for a couple frames in the video. Now everyone wants to obtain the “C” when in reality the question should be how can I stabilize with my lead leg?





You watch guys like Walker Buehler who although stabilize super efficiently with the lead leg don’t quite get into the “C” position which is a position in which the front knee hyperextends like you see with guys like Verlander. Speaking of those two.. here’s a video I did on comparing their similar pitching mechanics.





Here’s an Instagram Post I did on The “C”

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