In episode 57 of The Robby Row Show I’m joined on the show with Austin Byler! Austin couldn’t be more on fire right now. Traveling from city to city doing speaking engagements as well as promoting Major League University! All of which we’ll talk about during the episode! Austin is a former professional baseball player who played in The Arizona Diamondbacks Organization as well as a brief stint in Indy Ball. Austin was a great guest to have on the show due to his understanding of “purpose” and how to really feed into other guys that he interacts with. Can’t wait for you guys to hear this episode! ⁣

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Topics In Todays Show⁣
* Overlooked⁣
* 2014 9th Rounder⁣
* 2015 11th Rounder⁣
* Expectations⁣
* Motivation⁣
* Spirituality ⁣
* What is your “why”⁣
* College vs. Pros⁣
* Instilling Discipline⁣
* Pleasing Coaches⁣
* Product Of The System⁣
* Major League University⁣
* Inquires⁣

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