I’ve said this a bunch before and I’m going to continue to say it because it holds true.. Athleticism Trumps ALL!

You can do Pitching Lessons 4x/week every week ever since you were 12 years old and have the “Perfect Mechanics” but at the end of the day ATHLETICISM WINS! Those who are Athletic have far more room for error and the ability to make adjustments in the matter of 1 pitch. 

If we believe this.. then what are we going to do? Well for me I’m going to manipulate my training to be sure that I’m remaining athletic throughout! Below you will see a plyoball series I like to do at the end of my Plyo Routine where I’m just playing around, moving my feet, creating rhythm, and having a boat load of fun just throwing. 

Now I’m not saying Mechanics are “BAD” – as you guys know I frickin love talking mechanics. But there’s a lot of variables when focusing on how to maximize a Pitchers potential. There’s 100% a time and a place to talk “mechanics” with a Pitcher but I believe it’s on the instructor to identify the very best way of going about getting the individual to reach his goals. My biggest goal when someone signs up for an Analysis is to find ways to incorporate “drill work” that will fix inefficient mechanical patterns but do so by creating environments that the athlete HAS TO be athletic.

At the end of the day it comes down to being as FREE as possible. Athleticism promotes Freedom and Freedom promotes Athleticism. This goes hand in hand to why I’m such an advocate for Long Toss. Be sure to check out my Blog “Finding Untapped Velocity + Power With Long Toss” for more information on that!


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