Have you ever pitched on a mound that was just absolutely brutal? Have you been able to make the adjustment to still compete? 

This post is not intended for you to think you need to throw all your flat grounds at the beach or every time you throw you need to be on “bush league” fields but I do want to get a point across that I talk about fairly often.. and that point is creating an ATHLETIC FOUNDATION.

One of the many reasons why being an “Athlete First” as a pitcher is the ability to make necessary adjustments on the fly. Watch any pitcher in the Big Leagues and notice their ability to make Pitch 2 Pitch adjustments. 

When we’re in the heat of battle (games), it’s tough to get caught up in a “Mechanical” thought process. Sure it’s good to develop personal cues that could be mechanical but it’s easy to fall victim of sinking in that mechanical quick sand.. which I’ve fallen victim to on NUMEROUS occasions. 

Instead, lets develop athletes! Lets develop throwers that rely on that natural athleticism to make the necessary adjustments. How can we go about doing that? Well maybe put yourself in a very uncontrolled environment where you have no choice BUT to be athletic.

This is just an example of how I challenge that athleticism. Obviously throwing in sand is going to be extremely tough but that’s the point. Sometimes it’s about getting out of your own head and solely relying on your athleticism to take over. But first you must become athletic. Now I will say I wouldn’t advise this each n everyday due to potential bad habits being created but you get the point. 

Below you’ll see 2 videos. One video is an explainer of why I actually prefer to throw on really uneven ground and the other will be a video of me throwing a flat ground in sand. Enjoy.



Athletic Adjustments




Put Yourself In That Environment





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