Hey guys so today I want to talk about “Arm Drag” or “Arm Being Late” whichever phrase that you’ve heard in your development. You’ll see a couple different videos below on the matter. For me this is a crucial piece to optimizing the Pitching delivery to not only maximize our potential power output but also to protect against any arm injuries. I did a similar Blog Post in regards to Instilling Efficient Throwing Patterns with the use of certain modalities that I’d encourage you to checkout as well. Encourage you to check out each video in this post to paint the clearest possible picture for you as possible. You will find a couple different analysis examples of past clients as well as some video clips talking about the deficiency.






You’ll see in this clip below some of my past clients dealt with this issue










Correcting The Issue





This is the part that’s a bit tricky just because each individual is going to be different in regards to how to go about solving the issue. That is why I put so much emphasis into my Analysis service to best go about identifying what that solution is going to look like per the individual.

As you see in this picture above taken from the Blog – Instilling Efficient Throwing Patterns – I gave my client a Counter Balance and a Connection Ball in hopes for those tools to provide good feedback and put the body in a position where it could correct itself. It actually worked great for Tye! Then the next step is just hammering out those intentional reps to instill that motion memory.

Also checkout the article I did on Preset Hand Separation to incorporate this in hopes to feel more “On Time” in your delivery.



Counter Balance





Weighted Balls


Weighted Balls + Authentic Throwing Mechanics



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