Today I want to breakdown the affect arm timing has on the pitching delivery. I’ve spoke in the past that certain moves during the delivery are just byproducts of other moves that came before. This holds true when we’re looking at this particular dynamic with early launch. View the video below then we’ll break it all down but first if you’re someone interested in developing efficient throwing velocity I’d encourage you to explore my newest ebook option Velocity Development that includes how to best go about optimizing your pitching mechanics to achieve your pitching goals.



Video Breakdown




Madison Bumgarner


You’ll see in this video that even tho MadBum is a long levered pitcher he still finds himself in an efficient position to rotate and deliver the pitch effectively. Take note of the positions that lead into his late launch allowing him to be fully extended at ball release.






We know that if we want to express all the kinetic energy that we’ve applied into the ground out through the tips of our fingers at ball release then everything has to be moving in unison. If there’s any breakdowns in timing then we are not able to express the desired energy we need in order to throw the baseball at maximum power output.

This also is a red flag for potential injuries as well because we are forcing our arm to now do majority of the work instead of having our body absorb majority of the stress.

If you’re somebody that struggles with this particular breakdown as well see below how we can get started on correcting this issue.



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