Something I’m extremely big on is something I call “Arm Path Athleticism.” Do you have the ability to vary your throws and still accomplish the goal. I’m not talking about throwing from different arm angles per say but instead varying the “throw types” and even changing the load, while still throwing the ball where you want.

I know you guys hear me talk about athleticism a lot but some just think of athleticism as running fast or jumping high. For Pitchers I look at the Arm Path n the ability to vary your throws but still accomplish a command goal. That shows me you have the ability to make adjustments on the fly that require a ton of athleticism! And we know that athleticism trumps all! Below I’ll include a couple different videos for you to get a good understanding of the concept. I’ll also include an entry from the Podcast that I did w/ Randy Sullivan of the Florida Baseball Ranch. For more context on why this is important I’d encourage you to check out the following Blog Entries: 

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Arm Path Athleticism




Randy Sullivan on Importance of Varying Throws




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