Wanted to give you guys a little preview of what my Pitching Mechanics Analysis Service looks like!

Like I’ve stated in the free PDF – 9 Steps To Optimize The Delivery I put so much emphasis on the identification process for the athlete. We get so caught up sometimes watching successful big leaguers and thinking that we need to look identical to that in order to obtain velocity or command.. well everyone is different and everyone is going to move differently. The important part for me is to identify specific areas that we can optimize within the delivery. There’s definitely things that we want to accomplish within the delivery to allow ourselves to maximize our power output. Below you’ll see 2 different video breakdowns of what my analysis service looks like and some screenshots of things to expect in return.

If you simply can’t afford the price point for the analysis I’d encourage you to explore the Common Mechanical Breakdown on a Mound eBook that talks about a very common breakdown that I see a lot and have also gone through it personally as I’ve talked about in my article Why Could I Long Toss 400′ But Not Break 93 on the Mound.

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