In episode 54 of The Robby Row Show I was pleasantly surprised while on my trip to see Jason Ferber in Queens that this dude Alex Katz was in the facility! Alex is a pitcher in the Chicago White Sox Organization and has also played for Team Israel in the World Baseball Classic! Another dope thing about Alex is that he is the founder of the super popular company KD Custom Kicks which I will link below! Alex is a super humble dude and it was an absolute honor getting to know him during my brief time in NY! Listen in as we discuss what it’s like being traded, released, signed back with the org that drafted him, starting a successful company, and his goals for himself moving forward!

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Alex Katz Links
IG – www.instagram.com/kittyelgato12
IG – www.instagram.com/kdcustomkicks
Twitter – https://twitter.com/kittyelgato12
Twitter – https://twitter.com/kdcustomkicks


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