In episode 25 of The Robby Row Show I have the absolute honor of sitting down with my boy Adam Eaton, outfielder for the Washington Nationals. Adam and I met in our first professional season when we were both with the Diamondbacks. Dude has an incredible story that I can’t wait for you guys to hear. Adam has dealt with everything you can think of when it comes to baseball. Wasn’t highly recruited, wasn’t a high draft pick, wasn’t looked at as a high level player, been traded twice, etc. Listen in as Adam and I dive into all those topics and how he has been able to stay level headed and bust his butt everyday to be the type of player he is today.

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You can find Adam on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/adam_eaton2/ and Twitter – https://twitter.com/AdamSpankyEaton

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The Robby Row Show – Episode 25

Introduction of Guest – Adam Eaton – Rapid Fire Q&A
* Favorite sport besides baseball?
* Favorite food?
* Biggest superstition
* At what age did you get your first facial hair?
* Favorite Ballpark
* Favorite coffee?
* Best cheeseburger?
* Favorite street car?
* Favorite teammate past or present fits criteria (6’5, bald, good lookin, blueish-greenish eyes,

Subject – Baseball Story
* 19th Round – 2010 Draft – University of Miami
* What’s the story? Why drafted late?
* When did you realize you definitely belonged?
* When did you start thinking big leagues was a real possibility?
* Debut Story?
* What’s it like being traded?

Subject – Work
* When did you really elevate your game?
* What part of your game has improved the most since drafted?
* What is the in-season routine like?

Subject – Love for Cars
* When did you fall in love with cars?
* What do you currently own?
* How did it come about?

Instagram Questions

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