In episode 91 of The Robby Row Show Podcast I have the honor of sitting down and chatting with Florida Baseball Ranch’s Randy Sullivan! Randy is a physical therapist, a baseball coach, and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He’s been at this for about 25 years now including a very interesting path that he’ll share at the beginning of the episode. Randy and I piggybacked off my previous podcast The New Frontier in Baseball Rehab quite a bit and I would encourage you to check that episode out as well. We also dove into some really interesting paradoxes and concepts that make complete sense when looking at velocity development. Below you will find all of Randy’s links, some of Randy’s Blogs that we discussed in this episode, topics of this episode, and some of my blogs that I touched on during the podcast! Click on whichever platform to give a listen!

Topics In Todays Show

  • Teaching Velocity
  • Motor Learning + Skill Acquisition 
  • Mechanical Efficiency 
  • Implicit Learning
  • Revolution in Throwing Rehab
  • The Yips
  • Vary Your Throws
  • Athletic Arm Path
  • Data
  • Off Season Throwing
  • Instructing + Coaching


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Links Talked About in Episode

Revolution in Throwing Rehab – Randy Sullivan

Why Not Long Tossing and Throwing Weighted Balls Could Get You Hurt – Randy Sullivan

Weighted Balls – Robby Rowland

The Yips – Robby Rowland


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