In episode 90 of The Robby Row Show Podcast I sit down with Alan Jaeger AND Dr. Josh Heenan to address the current protocols in the Baseball rehab process and why it’s a good idea to maybe rethink these protocols. In no way shape or form did we intend to do this podcast belittling the individuals who developed the original baseball rehabilitation protocols. Our goal was to simply sit down and discuss our experiences regarding this topic. This will be part 1 of a 2 part rehab podcast with part 2 featuring Randy Sullivan of The Florida Baseball Ranch. If you have ANY questions regarding what we discuss in this Podcast Episode Alan, Josh, and myself have agreed to answer them in a future Podcast. All you have to do is type your question at the bottom of this page in the comments box! Below you will have the option to play the episode straight from this page or play from any major podcast app. You will also find below all the links discussed in this episode, Podcast Sponsors, My Baseball Content, and more! If you aren’t a Subscriber to this Podcast please hit that subscribe button! Enjoy!

Topics In Todays Show

  • Current Rehab Protocols Used Today
  • Return To Throwing Progression
  • Avoiding Rehab Post Rehab
  • Perceived Effort
  • Checking Appropriate Boxes
  • Process Trumps Goals
  • Feel Trumps Data



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