In episode 85 of The Robby Row Show my boy Luke Weaver joins the show for the 2nd time! Luke was my 3rd ever episode and he rejoins the show to talk about what it’s like being traded, his love for golf, hitting his 1st career big league homerun, personal strengths vs scouting reports, pitch sequencing, establishing a 3rd pitch, going through an injury, and the importance of his Christian Faith.

Topics In Todays Show

  • Being Traded
  • Spring Training
  • Golf
  • Change in Scenery 
  • Big League Homerun
  • Zack Greinke
  • Strengths vs Scouting Reports
  • Data Analytics
  • Pitch Sequencing
  • Establishing a 3rd Pitch
  • Mechanical Deception
  • Rehab Process
  • Faith



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Get To Know Luke Weaver



Luke Weaver’s 1st ML Homerun



Links Talked About Today

 Luke Weaver – Proving Them Wrong – The Robby Row Show Ep. 3

Luke Weaver vs Manny Machado – Pitch Sequencing


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