In episode 84 of The Robby Row Show I am joined by former 10 year MLB Pitcher Marvin Freeman. Marvin spent time with Philadelphia, Atlanta, Colorado, and Chicago. Has 2 World Series Rings both with the Atlanta Braves during the Maddux, Glavine, Smoltz years. Marvin still holds the Colorado Rockies record for lowest ERA from a Starting Pitcher which came in the strike year 1994. Marvin now spends his time giving back to the game that has given him so much. I love talking to Marvin today because his passion for this game as well as inspiring and encourage the youth matches up with mine. Scroll below to listen to the episode on other Podcast Platforms as well as where to find Marvin on social media including a YouTube video of Marvin’s Pitching Highlights you won’t want to miss! You’ll also find sponsorship details, other podcast episodes like this one, and my Online Pitching Services! Enjoy! 


Topics In Todays Show

  • Times Are Changing
  • New Baseball Rules
  • Players Mic’d Up
  • Self Spotlight
  • College 2 Pro’s
  • Marvin’s Baseball Journey
  • New School Ball
  • Velocity Development
  • Sinker/Slider
  • Starting vs Relieving
  • Youth Foundation


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Marvin’s Pitching Highlights



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