What are other well known baseball instructors and professional baseball players saying about me?


“Robby has a true passion for the art of pitching and is constantly working to develop ways to improve.” -Brent Pourciau (Top Velocity)

“Its been a pleasure meeting Robby Rowland.  It was refreshing to meet an active pitcher in todays culture who can sit down and have quality discussion on big topics of the game.  His attention to detail and ability to formulate different ways to explain the same thing is paramount when working with young players.  Robby is a great communicator and student of the game. Being able to speak in great depths about pitching and discuss my own journey, it was easy to tell his genuine interest in everyone he comes in contact with, something hard to come by these days.  Finding people that “get it” makes all the difference, and Robby is one of those dudes!” -Dustin Pease (Lokation Nation)

“Robby cares way too much about this game and the attention to detail to steer you wrong. His knowledge for pitching is truly top tier. If there’s a guy that you want your kid to go to for pitching advice it’s Robby.” -Luke Weaver (St. Louis Cardinals Pitcher)